Girls' shared apartment - fully furnished rooms directly at Dudoplatz

Located at the central bus station (very good connection to the university), we offer three fully furnished rooms on one floor from 01.08 and 01.09.2022. All rooms are currently rented to female students of the university. All are equipped with a single kitchenette. The bathroom is located in the hallway, which you share with a total of four female students. An internet flatrate (2x50 MBit/s via WLAN) is available for € 15,- per month. The third room has its own balcony facing the garden. All rents are all-inclusive including all utilities. Due to the Ukraine war, we are forced to raise the service charge flat rate to the fall of 2022, this increase is already included in the rents here. First room (no pictures yet): rent € 250,- / Second room: rent € 260,- / Third room: rent € 290,-.

Modern fully furnished student rooms directly at the market place in Dudweiler.

Depending on size and price: from the cheapest (picture series 1) € 260,- to the largest room for € 335,- (picture series 3). To the rent comes an electricity prepayment of € 25,- and an internet flat rate of € 15,-. We offer an internet flatrate with 4 x 1.000 MBit/s. The rooms are equipped with a single kitchenette. The showers and toilets are shared with other students. If you arrive in a few weeks, you can also make a reservation by paying a fee.