Our cooperation with the Welcome Center of the University

We rent our living quarters mainly to foreign students.
Here often arise questions, about German conventions, peculiarities and guidelines also in the legal framework.
You are a student and may have questions about us and need an independent opinion?
The Welcome Center knows us personally and has been happy to refer students looking for accommodation to us for years.
You are welcome to contact the Welcome Center of Saarland University directly:
Mail to welcome@uni-saarland.de & phone with +49 681 302-71128

More for our students

GEZ - Rundfunkbeitrag - Every tenant of a single apartment has to register for the broadcasting fee. The fee is currently 18,36 € per month and has to be paid to the Gebühreneinzugszentrale, even if no radio or TV is used. Apartment owners of a second home can be exempted.

Waste separation - In Germany, a decision is made between the yellow bag (packaging with the green dot: canned food, beverage cartons, juice and milk cartons, plastic film, yogurt cups and disposable plastic bottles), the blue paper container (newspapers, brochures, catalogs, packaging made of paper & cardboard) and the glass container (disposable glass bottles, drinking glasses ). These options are free of charge. Any residual waste that may be disposed of in the above-mentioned containers may be thrown into the black residual waste garbage can. This is chargeable and mostly not recyclable. Therefore, we ask our tenants to separate garbage properly for the sake of your wallet & the environment. In all our houses we offer disposal facilities.

Dry Cleaning - In almost all our houses we offer both washing machines and dryers for a small fee.